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Last updated 5/2/2018

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Letís Do Brunch:† Our brunch outing is on the second Sunday of each month.† Sometimes brunch will be a potluck or perhaps a meal at a local restaurant.† Maybe weíll grab a sandwich from Food Barn and meet at the park if the weather permits.†

Deacons Fund for May will go to DASI. Please give generously!

Attention Seniors!:† Mark your calendars!!† Gerry VanderHart hasgraciously offered to host our PresbySeniors at his home for our Spring Luncheon.† The date is set for Thursday, May 10th, at 12:00 noon.† Please call our senior coordinators Barbara Young (973-875-7864) or Lois Wright (973-875-3555) with your covered dish casserole, salad, or dessert.† New seniors are welcome!!† Hope you can join us!† We thank Gerry and are looking forward to our fellowship there!

AED:† The church is purchasing an AED (automated external defibrillator) through Newton Medical Center Foundation,.† Included with this purchase is CPR/AED training, for a limited number, to be held at our church on Thursday, May 24th, 6-9 p.m.† If you are interested, please contact Cindy OíDonnell by May 6th.

Pentecost Offering:† This offering will be collected Sunday, May 20th.† This special offering is used for Children at Risk, Youth, and Young Adults.† Forty percent of this offering is retained by our church to be used for a ministry that serves children at risk.

Family Promise:† Our church will host Family Promise guests from May 15th-22nd.†† An assignment sheet will be on the bulletin board in the fellowship room soon.† Please check your name if you will be able to help out at that time.† Also, if you are not on the sheet and would like to help out, please see Pastor Amy or Joanne Cosh.

2018 Per Capita:† Per Capita exists as a way for all Presbyterians to share costs that belong to the whole church and to give meaning to the interdependent nature of Presbyterian polity.† For 2018, each memberís contribution is $35.00.† Per Capita is part of the glue that holds Presbyterians together.† It exists to allow the whole church to share equitably in those things that make us Presbyterian:† our theological identity, our connectedness as communities of faith, our core structures that keep us together as a church, and our call to work for full participation in decision making.

New Directory:† A new Church Directory is available.† Please donít forget to take home a copy from the table in the narthex.

Deacon Visits: The Deacons are visiting with members of the church.† At your request, we will contact you to arrange a time and place (typically your home).† We also encourage you to let us know of people who would appreciate a visit.† We look forward to a friendly visit with you!† Contact Phil Hardin at (201) 602-5445 for further information.

Child Protection Policy: Session approved, after much research and consideration, a Child Protection Policy and Parent Consent Form (Waiver) for use by the First Presbyterian Church of Sussex effective January 1, 2017.† Session advises all parents with young children and or teenagers to read the policy carefully and ask any questions that you may have regarding its implications on your child or their church-related activities.† From time to time, parents may be asked to revisit the policy and respond to individual requests for the signing of the consent form, better know as a waiver form, when church activities call for such action.

Prayer Chain:† The Prayer Chain for members of the congregation is being updated.† If anyone would like to receive notifications via text rather than a phone call, there is a sign-up sheet in the fellowship room for the next few weeks.† You may also contact Sharon Alheidt or Joanne Cosh

From Newton Presbytery:† The Presbytery wants to include you in their database.† They send out a weekly newsletter that is full of information about the Presbytery and individual churches, and they donít want you to miss anything!† Please sign up on the form in the narthex at the church, or go to the Presbyteryís webpage at: and give them your name and email address.

Faith Community Health Partnership:† In the event you are hospitalized in a hospital that is part of the Atlantic Health Care System (Newton, Morristown, Hackettstown, Chilton in Pompton Plains, or Overlook in Summit), one of the first questions asked is whether you would like your faith community to be notified.† If your answer would be yes, you can expedite the process by filling out a registration form that will be put into the Atlantic Health Care Database.† Thus, if you are hospitalized, the system would already be in place.† Pastor Amy or a deacon would be visiting or contacting you to render support to you and your family.† If you wish to participate in this optional program, please fill out the form at the link below and return it to Phil Hardin or the church office.† Click Here for Form

Your Church Family Cares:† Is there an impending surgery, a personal loss, or some issue or event that is troubling you?† Please know that your church family is available to help and support you with a phone call or a visit from a Deacon or Pastor, or just some company in a time of need.† We are just a phone call away!† Please leave a personal message for Pastor Amy (973-534-7479) or Deacon Phil Hardin (201-602-5445).

Plain Change Ministry:† Please continue to empty your pockets/ purses to help our neighbors in need.† Thank you for your support!

Clothing Collection Box:† Please remember to use the clothing collection box located in the back of our parking lot.† The company we use empties the box on a weekly basis, maintains insurance and permits, and cleans up any dumping that may occur.† They send the church a flat fee of $150.00 a month.† This is a great idea for continued monthly revenue.† Also, please tell your friends about it!

Ink Cartridge Recycling: WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING LASER CARTRIDGES as well as inkjet cartridges.† Ink cartridges that you throw away still have many poisonous chemicals inside them.† Recycle your ink cartridges and help the church and the environment!† Thank you to those who have brought in your ink cartridges.† Keep them coming!† The recycling company will send the church a check, which will be used toward church expenses.† To date, we have received $145.60!† A list of qualifying cartridges can be found on and empties4cash.

21 Unionville Avenue

Sussex, NJ 07461


(973) 875-4760


Worship Service: 10:30 am

Rev. Amy Lawrence Pastor

(973) 534-7479 - cell





United in Godís love,† Dedicated to Godís service

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Sunday,† May 6th

 Sunday School @ 9:15 am

 Choir Rehearsal @ 9:20 am

 Worship @ 10:30 am with Communion


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